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Article: 5 minutes with.. The Decorium founder, Lucy Talbot

5 minutes with.. The Decorium founder, Lucy Talbot
5 minutes with

5 minutes with.. The Decorium founder, Lucy Talbot

To kick off the first of our '5 Minutes With' series, we have nabbed Lucy to chat all things fashion and style..

Describe your personal style in 3 words..

High. Low. Mix.

If you could raid anyone's wardrobe, whose would it be?

That's a tough one!! I really love following @morganstewart on Instagram. I get the impression she really curates her wardrobe and whilst I'm definitely not working with her shopping budget I draw a lot of inspiration from what she wears and how she puts pieces together. I'm always inspired by elevated, premium brands when buying for the store so I'd have a lot of fun with her closet!
morgan stewart style instagram

What would you say is the secret to having personal style?

I think it's about having the confidence to just wear what you like, and take inspiration from elements of other people/influencers/brands rather than trying to emulate their whole look, as ultimately that's their personal style, not yours. I also think that comes as you go through life and not being afraid to try something different or switch it up a bit.

What's your holy grail beauty product? 

Water. I used to really underestimate how important it is but I really notice the difference in my body and skin if I haven't been drinking enough (which is still very often!)

Name the top 3 pieces on your The Decorium wish list..

As I do all the buying, I feel like I'm always (not so patiently) waiting for what I know is due to come in. We have a gorgeous Chanel-esq tweed cap en route that I've mentally worn with so many of my day to day outfits already! Then there are the party pieces arriving in November with a particular co-ord I have set my heart on for Christmas Day. And can I just say, Summer '24 is going to be our best one yet! The dresses are to die for and we have made our biggest order to date. 

Where should we go for a fun girls dinner in the West Midlands?

There are some fantastic dining options in the west midlands! Tatu in Birmingham is a fail safe for me, as I love their menu and fun cocktails. It's very experiential and a really fun, elevated experience. Seats on the high street in Tettenhall Village (a few doors down from the store) is a personal favourite for a Sunday Roast. You have to reserve a table in advance as they book up quickly but it's worth the wait and they have a great wine list too.

Where's your favourite holiday destination?

I love exploring new places and don't often feel the need to return to many once I've experienced it as my travel list is so long, but we had such a fantastic time in Palm Beach, FL I would absolutely go back. I love that the aesthetic is so distinct with gorgeous architecture and it's so family friendly. Don't get me started on the shopping and gorgeous restaurants.. I would love to head back there over the festive season once my daughter is a little older as no-one does Christmas quite like the US!
palm beach style

Describe your dream day..

My dream day would usually involve Paris, but to make it a bit more realistic.. Waking up naturally (rather than my usual 2 year old daughter alarm clock!) and heading out for breakfast with her and my husband. Then jumping in the car and driving down to the cotswolds to see my bestie, having lunch and a massage at Daylesford Farm before heading over to Bicester Village for some afternoon shopping. Returning home in time for dinner which is a takeaway on the sofa watching real housewives. In bed by 9 in new PJs and fresh sheets. Yep - I'm rock and roll! 

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